by Eric Raué - Ludum Dare entry page

How to play

Qua-tzar is a simultaneous turn based multiplayer game. The object of the game is to get your BITs to your spaceship on the other side of the game board. Each player has three action points to use on movement during their turn. Once both players have input their commands both sets of commands happen simultaneously.

Do not look at the screen when your opponent is entering their commands. Try to predict where your opponent's pieces will move to block and capture them.

Note: I didn't have time to implement a game over screen but the game is supposed to end when all BITs are gone.


BIT Moves horizontal or vertical.
Move these pieces to the last row and then onto your ship.

TZAR Moves horizontal, vertical or diagonal.
Capture BITs by moving onto them.

DOM Moves horizontal, vertical or diagonal.
Has higher priority when moving compared to other pieces.

Source Code

Made with Unity 3.4 free