Reclaimed Empire

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Download linux binaries here


This game is incomplete. You can interact with Transport ships and destroy things. There is no opposition unfortunately.

In Reclaimed Empire you play as a race called the Gat'ax who abandoned their vast galactic empire for centuries. In that time other races claimed it for their own. Decimate cities by instilling fear into the population or by destroying the shield beacons and bombard it from space. Well, you can't bombard or instill fear yet but that was the plan!

You command Cortex Transport ships which store smaller fighters. Deploy your fighters and select what types of targets they should focus on.

The original concept had more types of targets to focus on including enemy fighters, factories that produce fighters, and defensive turrets. I also wanted to let the player configure their own transports with different ships. There was going to be a resource system that determined how many ships you could build that would cary over from planet to planet.

How to play

You can only control the large transport ships. The little ships target things in front of the ship.

Transport Ship:


Source Code

Made with Unity 4, bfxr, Blender, Photoshop (4 mb download)