The Side Factor

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The Side Factor explores the idea of creating a turn based strategy game with a minimal number of units. There is only one kind of unit. The core mechanic is shooting through things.

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Win Condition: To disable all of the opposing ships.

Actions per turn

Each player is given 4 actions per turn. Blue starts with one less on their first turn. Players gain additional actions for each disabled ship they own. Moving one adjacent space takes up 1 action, rotating takes 1 action, and firing takes 2.

Ship Damaged States

Shoot the enemy head on to push them [No damage]

Push the enemy into a plasma rail [1 damage]

Push the enemy into another ship [1 damage]

It behaves like Newton's cradle picture on the right. Only the ship that got hit by the beam takes damage. The only ship that ends up moving is the last one.

Shoot the enemy from the side [1 damage]

Disabled ships deal no damage. Beam continues after.

Shoot the front of your ship [nothing happens]

Shoot through the side of your ship [increase damage +1]

Increases the damage dealt by the beam for each allied ship it passes through.