Classes this semester

This summer I am taking IAT 102 Graphics, IAT 202 New Media Images, and CMPT 466 Computer Animation. This is my first semester at the Surrey campus taking courses. I spent some time looking over all the resources available in the library. It certainly reminds me of the Information Resource Centre at EA when I worked there. I don’t think many people really appreciate the resources available for students which includes hardware, software, training DVDs, books, journals, sound effect libraries etc. With that said — I need to start taking advantage of them more.

The first week of class was a nightmare because the Surrey computer labs did not have any of the software we needed for studio labs installed. All we could do is sit there and watch our TA fiddle with it for over an hour. I’m slowly getting used to Adobe InDesign now and have a magazine two page spread redesign due in a few days. Time for my perfectionist skills to kick in!


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