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Town Builder – Introduction

In December I started a new card game project. The goal was to make a simple game that could be played with no hidden information so it could be played locally on the iPad. At first it started as a tutorial project for a video series I’m planning to make on how to use Card Maker for prototyping. I did a top down design planning out all the hypothetical interactions ahead of time. The first game I played with my mom wasn’t fun at all. It felt like there was a lot of work to make it fun. Then I tried a 4 player game with some of my Magic: The Gathering playing friends. To my surprise it was immensely fun and actually fairly balanced. The design just worked.

I spend the last few months on and off refining the rules and prototype graphics. It’s getting pretty close to being complete. I’m hoping to either start a Kickstarter to fund an initial printing or upload it to the print on demand service, The Game Crafter. Here’s a picture of the latest prototype.