These games are some of the many games I’ve worked on.  They are playable in your web browser using the Unity Web Player plugin or are downloadable.

Global Game Jam 2013


City PulseUnity Web Player

In City Pulse you control the flow of energy in a dead city to attempt to bring it back to life. Move an energy pulse throughout a city by clicking on towers and light up the critical infrastructure necessary for the city to live.

Full Indie Game Jam 2012


FreezerburnUnity Web Player

Freezer Burn is a 2-player single-keyboard cooperative game where players exist in two separate universes working together to protect a transdimensional mothership from incoming enemy waves.

Ludum Dare 25

Reclaimed Empire

Reclaimed EmpireUnity Web Player

In Reclaimed Empire you play as a race called the Gat’ax who abandoned their vast galactic empire for centuries. In that time other races claimed it for their own. Decimate cities by instilling fear into the population or by destroying the shield beacons and bombard it from space.

48 Hour Game Jam


Bigger FishXNA Windows

A multiplayer game where one player is the bigger fish and the rest are mini subs that work together to defeat it.


Fruit WarXNA Windows

A multiplayer game where players use slingshot fruit trees to fling fruit at opposing trees. New trees can be planted using seed shots.

Evil Genius VS Spies

Evil Genius VS SpiesXNA Windows

An asymmetric card game where one player takes on the role of the Evil Genius and the other a Spy Network.

Rebel Bomber

Rebel BomberGameboy Advance

A remake of an old Commodore 64 game I played as a child for the Gameboy Advance. It’s a one button game where you drop bombs on enemy alien cities.

48 Hour Game Jam

World 2

World 2XNA Windows

The world was destroyed and needs to be rebuilt. Balance the needs of a growing population while increasing the size of the new planet by moving floating debris.

Global Game Jam 2012


CatchUnity Web Player

You are alone on a planet and nothing to do but play catch with yourself.

Global Game Jam 2011

MDP Earth Defender

MDP Earth DefenderUnity Web Player

A two player game played on a single keyboard where players try to either launch nukes or anti-nukes. Inspired by the game Domination in the James Bond film Never Say Never Again.


In Development

I am working on paid versions of some of the games above as well as the projects listed below. Currently I’m focusing my efforts on Town Builder, Abandoned Empire, and Spell Shapes.

  • Town Builder – A quick to play card game about building a beautiful town.
  • Abandoned Empire – A space combat card game in collaboration with Lanz Singbeil.
  • Spell Shapes – A match 3 Android game with a twist in collaboration with Shane Morin.
  • Desire – Try to place settlers on a newly discovered island and try to satisfy their desires.