Xbox 360 Tech support woes

My Xbox 360 I received as a gift back in 2006 which I’ve hardly played decided to red ring just under two months ago. Thankfully Microsoft covers such a problem for up to three years. I called July 6th and they said they would send me a shipping label because only Americans can print them out so I waited and waited. July 28th I called again and they said they would cancel my current repair and issue me a new one. Fast forward to today, August 14th, I still have not received my shipping label so I called again. Turns out that second repair was never actually placed. Then I was informed that actually Canadians can print out their shipping label which… would have been so much easier to do! Great let’s do that! Or wait their computers were updating so I have to call back tomorrow so they can place the order. It’s unlikely I’ll receive my repaired Xbox 360 before I start my next school semester.


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