Everything you need to play the game can be printed on a home printer or at a print shop for better quality. There are two 60 card decks, one for each side, and a 20 card Evil Plan deck. There is also a rulebook and Evil Lair Mat to assist you when playing.

Printing Cards on Card Stock

If you are printing on thick card stock you must manually flip the pages since it is too thick for a duplex printer to print. The card set is laid out such that every odd page is the face and every even page is the back. There are a couple pages that might be tricky to print so follow this procedure below.

  1. Print the Spy cards on pages 1-14 by printing out the odd pages first and then print the even pages on the back. Since the back is symmetrical it doesn't matter how you flip the pages.
  2. Then print the cards that are shared on pages 15 and 16. Make sure the card backs are correct.
  3. Print the Evil Genius' cards on pages 17-30 just like the Spy cards above.
  4. Print the Evil Plan cards on 31-34. The back is not symmetrical so make sure they are both the same direction after printing.
  5. Print the last page of Evil Plans on pages 35-36 separately because it is only half a page.


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Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 2.5 Canada