Bob card

Evil Genius example card.

Evil Genius VS Spies is an asymmetric card game with gameplay that focuses on the spatial relationships between cards. One player takes the role of the Evil Genius and constructs an Evil Lair to carry out Evil Plans. The other player plays as the Spy Master, building Networks to support Spies and infiltrate the Evil Lair to thwart the Evil Genius' Evil Plans. The objective of the game is to thwart or carry out 10 Evilness worth of Evil Plans.

The game oozes with goodness. I started to think like a spy and I literally laughed like an evil genius. The rules take a bit to learn but you owe it to yourself to learn how to play.


The game can be downloaded for free and shared with friends. We believe this is only version one of the game so look foward to more refined rules and new cards. Expansion sets are in the works.

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